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The Mashbir building



The Mashbir building, the first department store to be built in Jerusalem, The building was burnt down on September 2015.

Our office was asked to renovate the building for multi-functional purposes. Thus, the areas on the ground floor - opening to the plaza, and the floor above it, were designed for commerce, the two floors above them comprise the offices of WeWork company. The basement hosts a fitness club, and the lower basements add parking areas to the existing ones.

In addition to a new design for the existing floors, a request was submitted to add building areas intended for employment and residence. At this stage the work includes the reinforcement of the building for earthquakes and the additional load.

The facades were renovated with the idea of specific form expressing the various uses and characteristics of the building's purposes, while introducing natural light and air into the deep floor space.

Client: ILDC (Hachsharat hayeshuv)

Location: King George Street, Jerusalem

Area: 7,277 sq.m.