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The Ministry of Justice Building - Competition


Our office, in partnership with the Shikun & Binui Company, submitted a design and construction project of governmental housing for the Ministry of Justice. The project comprised a representational tower and 5 joint foundation floors for the Ministry's departments. These were all planned for a comprehensive area of 35,000 sq.m. above ground level, and 12,000 sq.m. underground including a parking area and a DATA CENTER.

As part of Generic Domains 1 and 2 at Kiryat Hale'om, the project centers the entire functions of the Ministry of Justice, including public defense and courts' administration.

The project is located south of Generic Building 1, as the last stage of the public campus including Generic Building 2 as well (also planned by our office). Situated on the main axis of the campus, the Ministry of Justice Building was designed around two inner courtyards creating a hierarchy of the project's public functions. The upper entrance plaza faces north toward Generic Building 1, while the main entrance faces south and opens onto a municipal plaza. The office buildings around the courtyard were designed for flexible and efficient functionality, while the office tower at the south-west corner was planned as the public and representational symbol for the entire campus.

The project has been rendered second place in quality grade.

Client: Shikun & Binui Company

Location: Kiryat Hale'om Jerusalem

Area:47,000 sq.m.

3D Rendering: 3Dvision