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District domain and mixed municipal domain


Our office, in partnership with Afrika Israel Company, submitted and won the competition for planning and constructing the government domain for governmental housing in Jerusalem. The project includes two office towers connected by a bridge, with 3 joint foundation floors on 53,000 sq.m. Above ground level, together with 20,000 sq.m. underground, including parking area and a data center. As part of the Balilius domain, the project comprises government offices and governmental services for the public, combined with a municipal plaza. The design offers high-rise building that blends with buildings for preservation, between Nordau St. to the west, Shazar St. to the south, and Jaffa St. to the north. A pedestrian bridge connects this complex to a future one of courthouses. The texture "embraces" a protective inner plaza, commercial areas, broad foundation floors - above them the tower offices. The built protective plaza provides rich and varied public space. Growing from the basement floors of control rooms and parking area, the broad foundation floors are intended for public services, accessed from the neighboring streets via designed entrances, with above them - the office floors and welfare functions for the workers. The design of the project's entire components makes full use of the given official municipal building area (Taba'), while providing for a functional and flexible structure maximally efficient. The buildings' fronts are dynamic, emphasizing their vertical aspect, and offer a solution blending architectural and functional values, while answering the need for an additional district center of government in the modern Jerusalem texture of the twenty-first century.

Client: Afrika Israel Company

Location: Balilius domain

Area: 75,877 sq.m.

3D Rendering: Arceffect