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The State Comptroller Building


The state comptroller building, located at the highest point of the national precinct, utilizes its distinctive location to overlook the surrounding buildings. It represents in accordance with the values of the organization, a restrained and modern building which conveys a sense of dignity and quality.

Fragmentation of the traditional stone into separate elements by the use of transparent curtain walls, together with a modular grid of windows combined with randomly located sliding shutters, creates simple yet sophisticated elevations.

The main atrium creates a skylight interior courtyard which, together the open elevators, contributes to a sense of orientation and expresses of transparency, clarity and integrity.

The planning of the building won the tender in the DBOT framework, and was selected with an emphasis on the design component.

Client:Shikun & Binui Group

Location: Jerusalem

Area: 15,185 square meters

Photography: Amit Geron