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The David Lopatie Conference Centre, Weizmann Institute


Having redefined the function of the historical Wix Central Library at the center of the campus, the directors of the Weizmann Institute invited our office to design the adaptation. The building now hosts the Board of Trustees, scientific conferences, and guests of the institute and the president. Extending over 4,250 sq.m., the building comprises a visitors' center, a cafeteria for the guests, a 300-seat conference hall for the Board of Trustees, and halls of various sizes for lectures, festive dinners and cocktails. The academic administrative offices of the institute, and a kitchen, are located there as well.

The building has been functioning in its new capacity since construction ended in November 2011.


Invited by Waizmann Intitute

Location: Waizmann Intitute

Area: 2,854.7 sq.m.


Photography: Amit Geron