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Municipality Building, Sumail, Tel Aviv


Our office won the architecture competition for the designing of an additional city hall building for the Tel Aviv Municipality, adjacent to a large park in the "Sumail" compound.

Covering 20,700 sq.m. and 22 storeys, the building will encompass the various municipal offices so far spread around the city. In addition, a low wing extending along the entire length of the park will house a cluster of 6 kindergarten classes with gardened terraces.

The project includes an underground 6-storey car park entered via a tunnel from Ben Saruk St.

The project's landscape design includes the integration of neighboring projects of private initiatives into the "Sumail" compound, between Arlozorov St. and Jabotinsky St.


This is an innovative project of considerable municipal significance, in which public and urban functions are interwoven around the public plaza and park.

Invated by: Tel Aviv municipality

Location: between Arlozorov St. and Jabotinsky St.

Area: 20,700 sq.m.