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Generic Building 2


Our office was invited by the Shikun & Binui group to participate in the DBOT competition for the designing of a generic building for government offices in the government domain, Jerusalem. The declared aim of this competition was to prioritize quality of architectural building. On this merit, our office's proposal was chosen as the best design, and we were subsequently declared winner of the competition together with the Shikun & Binui group, after the financial proposal had been weighed in.

The generic plan of the building - as it is so labeled - is based on a modular system of closed rooms serving the 1800 employees of various government offices and Ministers' chambers. Furthermore, optimal penetration of daylight and ventilation is afforded into each room, thanks to the planning standards of green building. The gardened public space created for the employees on the terraced ground floor and roof offers a qualitative and pleasant working environment, while connecting with Generic Building 1 to form a new campus within the government domain. The underground area provides both a car park for the employees, and protective shelter for operational continuity in the event of emergency situations.


Invited by Shikun & Binui

Location: Rabin Avenue, Jerusalem

Area: 63,000 sq.m.