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Compaq (HP) Building


Our office, in partnership with architect Avi Rosenberg, won an architectural competition for the design of the Digital corporation management building in Israel, which moved to the Ra'anana industrial zone. The company was bought by Compaq Corporation (currently own by HP) and the building was built to serve as the company's headquarters in Israel.

The building includes the company's offices and a supporting logistics infrastructure for the company's products in Israel. This infrastructure includes a server center, training center for employees and laboratories for the repair of laptop computers, the company's main product at the time.

The building was built at a distance from any existing urban fabric and was therefore planned as an independent "small city". The formal structure creates a vehicle entrance courtyard surrounded by palm trees that serves as the entrance into the building and the underground parking lot. The entrance connects to an atrium space opening into an internal courtyard used as a rest area for employees. The courtyard is flanked on both sides by functions that exceed the building itself. On the south side is the training center's lecture theater, and on the north side is the building's refectory. Both of these functions use the courtyard as an extension and a possibility for outdoors recreation. Citrus trees were planted in the courtyard as an extension of the surrounding orchards on the outskirts of Ra'anana.

The building was planned as an efficient open space building measuring 33 meters deep and 60 meters long. A typical floor has a compact nucleus, floor circulation surrounding it and a flexible system of work stations between the nucleus and the external envelope. In this building we used, for the first time in Israel, terracotta tiles in a color resembling that of the red soil typical of the orchards.

Client: Compaq Cooperation (Digital)

Location: Ra'anana industrial zone

Area: 10,000 square meters