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Jerusalem Municipality


Near the time that our office was established, while we were busy with our early projects, our office was chosen by the Canadian Olympia & York company, that won the tender for building the Municipality complex in Jerusalem, as the local office, partnering the Canadian architect A.J. Diamond, who was the project's chief architect.

Our office, participating for the first time in a project of such large scale and public importance, successfully stood to the challenge and completed the plans within a very short period, whilst executing the construction drawings and supervising the building of most of the project.

Our role, in addition to bringing the project to execution, was to introduce a foreign architect with an unknown environment, with the history of the city, its characteristics, the building and social perceptions bound in the construction of a central urban symbol for the city.

The experience accrued in the building of the municipality project developed into a long standing partnership (15 years) with the Canadian office in many projects, and allowed the office to undertake large scale projects, knowing that we are organized and prepared to plan in a short time large projects and bring them to the highest international level in North American and European standards.

The building includes a 800-car parking garage on an area of 30,000 square meters, office buildings, including the representational Mayor story with the council hall also used as a conference theater for up to 400 people, archives and basements on an area of 40,000 square meters as well as a central square, gardens and shade structures on a total area of 35,000 square meters.

Client: The Authority for the Development of Jerusalem

and Ron Engineering

Location: 1 Safra Square, Jerusalem

Area: 70,000 square meters