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Supreme Court Building - Competition


In its early days, our office took part in the international competition for the planning of the Supreme Court building. The competition had two stages. The first stage was open to the public, 174 architects took part. Our office was one of 4 that were chosen to go on to the next stage. In the second stage, international architects were invited to join the competition. Among them: Richard Meier and I.M. Pei of New York, Ricardo Legorreta or Mexico and Moshe Safdie from Canada. Our office made it to the final stage, one of three architects, eventually coming in second place, ahead of many well known competitors.


From the remarks of the jury: "The work of this group tells us of its members - intelligent, imaginative, youthfully passionate, and at the same time mature in their perception and its translation to practice. The jury found many positive points in this plan, starting with the painstaking analysis of the site and the sequence of axis offered, intended to organize it better, and ending with the meticulous and precise structure of the plan and the facades".

Client: Yad Hanadiv - Rothschild Fund

Location: Kiryat HaLeom, Jerusalem