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Gesher Center


The Gesher organization was established to promote understanding and dialog between religious Jews and secular Jews. When the organization decided to build a new center in Jerusalem, it purchased a historical site in David Ben Shimon Street, adjacent to Kind David Street in Jerusalem.

The site was built in 1866 by the Mughrabi community, following their decision to leave the boundaries of the old city walls, in Mahane Israel neighborhood, the second Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the walls.

Part of our work involved researching historical maps in order to identify the historical buildings that had value for conservation.

The challenge in planning was in attempting to find a dialog between the new and the old, while each was clearly reflected. The building's spaces are the result of this dialog.

The center includes a hostel, classrooms, halls, a 350-seat performance hall, a club and all related services.

Client: "Gesher" organization

Location: 4 Ben Shimon Street, Jerusalem

Area: 5,000 square meters