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J.T.P Har Hotzvim


Har Hotzvim Property Corporation (owned by J.T.P) bought the former Luz Corporation plot. The company's administration building, used at the early stages of the project as a rental building for industrial uses (building A) already existed on the plot.

In the first stage, a shell building for rent (building B) was built on an area of approximately 28,000 square meters, and a parking garage with 1,000 spaces. This building was planned as an efficient shell for rental of spaces for offices and high tech industries. The depth of the story is 33 meters and its length is 180 meters. 3 separate entrance areas were built, allowing division and flexibility in the size of the rental unit.

Due to topography, the roof of the parking structure serves as an entry courtyard to this building, at street level. The courtyard is vegitated, and in conjunction with the roof of building A constitutes a large continuous courtyard that comprises most of the open area for the entire project.

After completing the first phase, the office was invited to realize the existing building rights and expand them by an additional 25,000 square meters. After the city plan was approved, an additional building (C/D) was built, comprising of a 19-story towers and an additional 3-story wing.

From this building the main entrance to the project was planned, from which there would be access to each of the plot's built components.

The tower was planned as an efficient tower for rental to high tech industries, in a simple 33x33 meter square plan. The floor was planned as an efficient floor with a low gross/net ratio, allowing a range of division options.

The relatively "short" tower required architectural means to enhance its verticality, for that purpose the main facades were split using glazed screens with emphasized vertical division.  The glazing, on the south and west facades, was planned with a fixed shading system hanging in front of it. This system prevents the sun heating of the glass screen and thus saves a great deal of energy in cooling the building on hot days. This is the first tall building in Israel where a shading screen was installed over the entire facade. In addition to saving energy, the screen provides an accessible system allowing simple cleaning of the glass.

At construction phase of the tower, the project's vegetated courtyard was connected to a public garden attached to it, in order to create a sequence of open vegetated areas crossing the complex and adding an additional quality to it.

Client: Har Hotzvim Property Corporation (J.T.P)

Location: Har Hotzvim industrial park, Jerusalem

Area: 81,500 square meters