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M.L.M Building


Our office won an architectural competition among 17 offices competing, for the design of the offices and computer facilities of the governmental office automation company (M.L.M) after it was privatized. The company moved from the government building area to the Givat Shaul industrial zone.

Our office won the competition thanks for the unique image of the building that included a communications tower and beneath it a control building resembling a control tower and a refectory that integrates in the landscape retaining walls matching the topography over which the building is built.

The combination between the unique environment, the slope on which the building was built and modern contemporary architecture: steel constructions, glazed screen walls and open space zones both for work stations and for the lobby connecting all areas, gave the building an innovative look that expresses the young spirit of the computer company that set off on a new, independent path.

Client: Malam Systems Corporation

Location: Givat Shaul industrial zone, Jerusalem

Area: 14,000 square meters