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Applied Materials


Applied Materials Corporation produces test systems for printed circuits. In the building we tried to create a work environment that expresses the company's spirit and the quality of products at the highest technological level.

In an area that is relatively small to the requirements of the program and the required extent of building, we tried to incorporate production structures, research laboratories and gardens and sports grounds that together form a campus.

The first stage of the project included a manufacturing room with clean rooms of the biggest ever built in Israel, as well as the research and development building. In future the campus will be expanded to the west, on the other side of the street, and the two parts of the campus will be connected by a bridge to the buildings' main lobby. Our office has prepared a strategic plan for the campus development, where each additional building forms a part of a whole operations complex as well as an environment encouraging informal encounters as part of the creation process.

The bottom sections of the building were covered in terracotta tiles, the color of the local soil, and integrated with the supporting walls and gardening. The top levels of the building float over an open story of columns where all joint public services for employees are located: refectory, cafeteria, etc. All of those are integrated in the gardening plan that is their direct extension.

Client: Applied Materials Corporation

Location: Tamar Science Park, Rehovot

Area: 47,000 square meters