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Intel Jer-6


The Intel research and development laboratories building in Jerusalem is an addition to an existing building that was converted into complex research laboratories for microchip technology.

The building has two wings; a laboratory wing and a office wing on each floor. The two wings meet around a central space that is the "junction" between the old and the new. It is a 4 story space with rest balconies overlooking the view of the northern part of the city.

The building has two main facades: the one facing the street, on the south side, which is a slitted stone façade creating a "punched card" look, and the transparent north facade, that is light and technological and inundates the building with natural day light in the work areas. The combination between the local and contemporary new architecture expresses the innovative research spirit and the local environment where research is carried out.

Client: Intel Corporation

Location: Har Hotzvim industrial zone, Jerusalem

Area: 5,000 square meters



Photography: Amit Geron