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National Square Car Park


The National Square parking building is an opportunity to develop our office's specific knowledge in the planning of parking structures.

On the large scale of 1,800 parking spaces, it was possible to decrease the average size of a parking space more and more to a scale never before designed in Israel. Using packing and movement exercises, the average parking space was reduced from the usual 35 square meters to 21.5 square meters per parking space. Thus, a great deal of money was saved in constructing the building.

Above the parking lot, a 10,000 square meters vegetated public square on a detached surface was planned. This is where our experience in developing rooftop gardening was utilized. Very rich vegetation was planted - fruit trees and flower shrubs in complex patterns and combinations. The success of the garden was in the full return of urban nature to the area - birds and insects, besides the many visitors and users.

The efficiency of the parking garage left extra building rights that allowed building the "Cinema City" project in the same area, with 15 underground cinema theaters and commercial areas, on the top square, that are currently under construction.

Client: Shapir Engineering

Location: Rabin Blvd, Kiryat HaLeom, Jerusalem

Area: 46,000 square meters

Occupancy: 1,800 parking spaces



Photografy: Amit Haas