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King David Residence


The residential project in the Mughrabi Quarter on King David corner of Hess Street was a big challenge in which we were able to express our professional opinion on the density of the urban fabric in the city of Jerusalem, while combining the old and the new.

The project is in the heart of the Mughrabi Quarter, with its historical small red-roofed houses, rich in textures, and at the same time its main address is along Kind David Street, the most monumental street in Jerusalem, built mainly during the British Mandate period. In addition to the King David Hotel, the YMCA building and Palace Hotel, the street is lined with luxurious Mandate era buildings in the architectural style of the 1930s.

Our office chose to build on the street's perimeter, on the edge of the plot, in typical fashion of Mandate era building, 9 stories buildings that extend the existing facades, and are designed in a language that communicates with the architecture of the 1930s. The buildings create a semi-public internal courtyard, formed on the side of the street by the new buildings, but surrounded by conservation buildings in the Mughrabi Quarter.

In the heart of the courtyard, that was planted in the style of south Spain and North Africa, is the North African Judaism Heritage Museum. In this way, a private residential project became a public attraction and another layer in Jerusalem's vernacular richness.

Client: Azorim and B. Nehemiah Ltd.

Location: 16 King David Street, Jerusalem

Area: 22,000 square meters