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Behavioral Sciences, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College


This was the first building that could be constructed in the campus area before completing the mater plan for the whole campus.

The approved city planning program dictated that the building faced east-west. Teaching buildings built in that direction suffer much exposure to the sun in the morning and in the afternoon. For this reason, the building was planned with deep shades resolving the problem of sun penetration to the classrooms during the daytime. On the eastern facade, concrete shading peaks and aluminum slats were built. On the west side, the library was covered by an Ipea wooden grate providing shade in this function. In the laboratories above it, the peak motif is resumed and on the top floor, intended for staff offices, the offices were turned north-south toward internal courtyards on the roof.

As the first building on campus, it naturally had to act as a "complete university" in its own right and therefore it included a large number of additional functions that would not have been built otherwise. A library larger than needed for the department was built, as well as a 170-seat lecture hall, a large research laboratory complying with FDA regulations and a cafeteria.

Client: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College

Location: 2 Rabenu Yeruham Street, Tel Aviv

Area: 6,000 square meters



Photography: Amit Geron