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Nano-scale Science and Technology, Ben Gurion University


Designing this project was an opportunity to learn and apply knowledge at the forefront of advanced technological research. The building included research laboratories for the nanometer dimension (10-9 meter), requiring a level of precision and vibration damping that had never been tried before. The foundations of the building were designed on the basis of a scientific paper that suggested how to build laboratories of this kind. A very large concrete barge with inert bases carrying the electronic microscopes was cast. Above all these, a floating floor was installed, to prevent the vibration of the delicate measuring devices caused by people walking around them.

The planning of the building combines the program in the unique site on the border of the campus fence. The building is a V shape with two arms of offices at the exterior and research laboratories around an internal courtyard serving them. At he head of the V is a casual meeting space for scientists for informal meetings that are an integral part of scientific thinking. The meeting space was designed in architectural style reflecting well the spirit of contemporary time, which may pass with the development of scientific research of an even smaller degree.

Client: Ben Gurion University

Location: Ben Gurion University campus, Be'er Sheva

Area: 6,000 square meters



Photography: Amit Geron