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Computer Sciences, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College


Following the preparation of the master plans for the Jaffa campus and for the Behavioral Sciences Department building, the college administration requested the planning of an additional building designated for the Computer Science School.

The campus plan is such that buildings define courtyards, so that at any stage the campus will appear complete. The Computer Science building has a dual role. One is to serve as a new and completing "wall" to the campus first courtyard. Together, the Computer Science building and the Behavioral Science building constitute the first stage in the completion of the campus and together they form the surrounding courtyard.

The second role is to form a building that satisfies its purpose, that is, constant flexibility in the electronic infrastructure systems in relation to other components in the building that do not change. For this propose, the air conditioning systems in the building were separated into a vertical layer and the communications and computing systems into a horizontal layer. In this way, one system is not built at the expense of the volume designated for the other, and the option remains for flexibility and constant changes in spaces intended for systems.

The building is designed to encourage casual meetings, in addition to the formal encounter in the lab or in the class. For this purpose, break and rest areas have been planned, creating such meeting places. Between the lecture halls on the ground floor there are break areas opening to the vegitated courtyard.  On the top floors, these areas form galleries for the main space and allow for eye contact and meeting opportunities also in the building's vertical section.

The staff offices are located on the top floor and they also open, from rest and meeting spaces, to a roof garden.

Teaching buildings were planned to face north and south which is the convenient direction for directing light and providing shade from the sun. In the campus plan, the courtyards are closed in east-west direction, the program components that do not require windows to the outside. In the Computer Science building, the large lecture hall (320 seats) provides the western boundary of the courtyard and is part of a system where in each building, the special component is built as an object with a unique shape that provides the building identification and distinction.

In the design of this object, our office used a computerized 3D model that was used in an innovative way also in the construction and in the manufacturing of its complex steel framework.

Client: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College

Location: 2 Rabenu Yeruham Street, Tel Aviv

Area: 8,500 square meters



Photography: Amit Geron