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"Habira" Towers


Ordered by the land owners, Ofer Brothers and the Carasso Group, the office planned a government complex, based on the specifications and program set up the government's Housing Administration.

The height of the building (14 and 16 stories), and its location at the entrance to Jerusalem, in one of the highest points of the city, set an architectural challenge in the design of the building as a public symbol, despite specifications offering poor architectural opportunities.

The strategy in dealing with this challenge was in the use of geometry and aspect. By using geometrical means, the buildings achieved uprightness by splitting the facades into different planes. The division of offices in the efficient floors allowed the windows to be mostly arranged uniformly on all facades. In order to achieve variation and dynamics on the facades of the buildings, we developed many variations of openings by adding "artificial" windows, by using shade boxes, inside modularity rules.

The design includes two office building and underground parking, each building adapted to the detailed program, including the design of the chambers of the ministers in each office.

The project is in progress and will be complete in 2012.

Client: Ofer Properties and the Carasso Group

Location: Yirmiyahu Street, Jerusalem

Area: 59,000 square meters