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Rothschild 30


Most residential towers recently built do not express their nature, unlike the office towers in their vicinity. The purpose is to create a prototype of the residential tower that differentiates itself from the office tower in a way that expresses the residential unit behind the screen wall.

In the "Rothchild 30" residential tower, on the corner of Allenby Street, adjacent to a conservation building planned by the architect Y. Megidovich in the 1920s, we tried to create a new type of building using balconies. The balconies, unique to residential buildings, are the design element of the facades. The building's uprightness is reinforced by the horizontal lines of the balconies surrounding the buildings on all sides. The balconies were deliberately designed as narrow planes and are strengthened by completely transparent unsupported banisters. The contrast between the gray-blue tower and the white horizontal balconies further emphasizes the design language.

The 29 story tower includes 76 residential apartments of different sizes, a gym, swimming pool and parking. The project is in its final stages and will be complete in 2012.

Client: Acquisition Group

Location: 30 Rothchild Avenue, Tel Aviv

Area: 18,000 square meters


Photography: Amit Geron