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Computer Sciences, The Hebrew University


Our office, in partnership with the office of the Canadian architect A. J. Diamond, was invited by the directorship of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to design the building for the developing faculty of software engineering and computer science.

The plot for the school is on a slope overlooking east and it borders the large campus lawn. Three buildings perpendicular to the slope are planned. The buildings are at a distance of 24 meters from each other, a space allowing vistas from the lawn to the view east.

The courtyards between the buildings join the spaces for informal meetings in the building: the refectory, the rest areas and the main internal concourse. The concourse is a 3-story high space that connects the three perpendicular buildings along the teaching rooms, classrooms, auditorium, administration area, rest areas and learning center. The staff offices and research laboratories are located in the perpendicular buildings.

Client: The Hebrew University

Location: Givat Ram campus, Jerusalem

Area: 24,000 square meters