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Classroom Building, Tel Aviv University


In 1992, our office was invited to plan a part of the northern section of the Tel Aviv university campus, parallel to the existing Exact Sciences buildings. This section was intended to include a central circulation array with 3 generic classrooms buildings and a central hall.

In the first stage, our office was invited to design a general classrooms building with 30 classrooms and 3 large lecture halls. The building was completed in 1995, and in 2000 we were invited to add to it an additional floor of classrooms. The "Dan David" building is the first university classroom building planned by our office and it expresses an innovative approach combining formal study in the classroom and informal encounters in internal spaces and lounging on the university lawns outside.

The building was planned in clusters of classes, where every cluster has an informal meeting area with direct access outside. The lecture halls were in fact excavated from the ground, their roofs serving as a direct extension of the lawns and student meeting places. With the addition of the glass screen in the north-facing seating areas, the building is transparent and constitutes a direct extension of the wonderfully vegetated environment around it.

Client: Tel Aviv University

Location: Tel Aviv University Campus

Area: 4,500 square meters