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North-West Tel Aviv

Urban Planning

Tel Aviv North-West plan is a rare opportunity our office encountered in planning the future of the most important city in Israel - Tel Aviv. This project is the last wide clear land in the municipal boundaries. It is a 189 hectare plot north of Tel-Aviv's airfield and extending to the border with Herzeliyah, and between the sea in the west and the historical coastal road in the east.

After preparing various alternatives with the involvement of the public, the alternative of continuing the city and the metropolitan nucleus north was accepted. This decision meant there would be a wide variety of uses that will attract residents from the whole metropolis. The project includes some 12,500 residential units, 350,000 occupational and commercial spaces, public buildings including a central performance hall, as well as a beach park to preserve view and nature values, five avenues leading to the sea horizon on the west and metropolitan sports facilities.

The existing beaches were included into the project, with a promenade running along them that will provide an extension to the joint experience of the city's residents in Tel Aviv port. The project is based on a simple network of roads enclosing residential blocks, and in their quiet heat the neighborhood's public centers. In this way, a modern and lively city is formed, allowing living in quality surroundings at its heart.

Client: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Location: North-West Tel Aviv

Area: 189 hectare