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Maya Zarnitsky Debbi

1977               Born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

1990 - 1995   Studies at "Alliance" high school in Tel Aviv.

1998 - 2002   Work in Comsec Information Security as

                       information security consultant.

1999 - 2002   Architecture studies at the "Technion"

                      in Hifa.

                      Completed first, second and  third years

                      with honors.

2003 - 2005   Architecture studies at Ecole nationale

                      supérieure d'architecture de Paris La Villette 

                      (ENSAPLV) - Paris, France

2003 - 2004   Work  in BUFFI Associes in Paris, France.

2004              Work in COSTANTINI & REGEMBAL

                      Architecture in Paris, France.

2005              Achieved ARCHITECTE - DPLG degree

2005 - 2007   Work in Kolker Kolker Epstein Architects.

                      Project architect in "Tel Aviv 2000"


2007 -            Senior Architect in Kolker Kolker Epstein


                      Tel Aviv office manager.

                      Project architect in Tel Aviv LRT

                      Red Line project.

                      Project architect in Rothschild 30 project.

                      Project architect in Ra`anana City

                      Center project.

2008              Licensed architect.