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Lotan Rothman

1966              Born in Ein Hamifratz kibbutz, Israel.

1978 - 1984   Studies at "Naaman Educational Institute",

                       Ein Hamifratz kibbutz.

1990 - 1995   Architecture studies at "Bezalel, Academy

                      of Arts and Design", Jerusalem.

1993 - 1995   Work in Gelehrter Architects.

1995              Achieved B. Arch degree.

1995 - 2006   Work in Kolker Kolker Epstein Architects.

                      Project architect in Gesher center.

                      Project architect in East Pisgat Zee`v

                      town plan.

                      Project architect in Applied Materials project.

                      Project architect in Intel Jer-6 project.

                      Project architect in King David's

                      Residence project.

1998              Licensed architect.

2004              Independent project - Yad Lebanim Center,

                      Kfar Meachem kibbutz.

2007 - 2011   Independent project - North African Judaism

                      Heritage Museum, Jerusalem.

2007 -            Associate in Kolker Kolker Epstein


                      Jerusalem office manager and

                      Responsible for office manpower.

                      Project architect in Nanotechnology project.

                      Project architect in Habira Towers projec.t

                      Project architect in the Jerusalem .

                      College of engineering project.