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Randy Epstein

1949               Born in New York, New York

1963 - 1967   Studied at Newtown Technical High school,

                      New York, pre - engineering degree.

1967 - 1969   Architecture Studies at the School of

                      Architecture, City College of New York.

1971 - 1973   Architecture Studies at the Cooper Union

                      School of Architecture.

1973              Completed Bachelor in Architecture degree.

1973 - 1975   Worked in the office of Richard Meier

                      Architect, New York.

1975 - 1976   Worked in the office of Ram Carmi, Tel Aviv.

1976 - 1981   Deputy to the Head Architect at the Ministry

                      of Housing , responsible for the Negev.
                      Planning of a residential neighborhood in

                      Giloh, Jerusalem, planning of a commercial

                      center, a comprehensive school and a

                      community center in Ramot neighborhood,


1982              Established the firm

                      Kolker, Kolker, Epstein Architects.