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Opher Kolker

1945              Born in Haifa, Israel

1959 - 1964   Studied at "Basmat" Technical high school

                       in Haifa, graduated as a building Technician.

1966 - 1971   Architecture studies at the "Technion"

                      in Haifa .
                      Completed first, third, fourth and fifth years

                      with honors.

1971              Achieved B.Arch degree.

1971 - 1973   Architect and team leader for the city,

                      Borough of Camden, London.

                      Taught architecture at the Kingston

                      Polytechnic, London.

1974              Team leader at the office of Moshe Safdie,

                      Bar Ilan University project.

1975              Worked in the office of Gideon Ziv

1976 - 1981   Deputy to the Head Architect at the Ministry

                       of Housing , responsible for the central

                       region of the country.
                       Planning of a residential neighborhood in

                       Giloh, Jerusalem, planning of a commercial

                       center, a comprehensive school and a

                       community center in Ramot neighborhood,


1982               Established the firm

                       Kolker, Kolker, Epstein Architects.